Right information at the right moment is essential to be successful in shipping business.

Our Chartering Department maintain close relationships with ship Owners and Operators all around the globe. With this we can ensure high quality cargo chartering service for your cargo, including the best freight rates and fastest shipping route possible.

We are specialized in tonnage for dry and general cargoes ranging from 2000 tns up to 10000 tns and are exclusive shipbrokers for 7 vessels in size from 2500 tns up to 4200 tns. Astramar Transport has extensive experience in handling cargoes of various kinds, like: 

  • timber products
  • fertilizers
  • grain products
  • general cargoes
  • project cargoes
  • steel products
  • minerals
  • cement.

We are working as competitive ship brokers for a numerous ship Owners to cover their needs for employment/tonnage, with a clear focus on their related business. Our skilled chartering team offers you practical approach and coverage of all options available in minimal response time. To protect our client's interests we are taking an active part in negotiations, giving our recommendations with respect to appropriate proposals and compromises.

Due to our numerous contacts, we can offer you added value on the transportation of your goods all around Europe. Our team is always at your disposal for any further information you may need.