Forests are the outstanding feature of Latvia and cover almost half of the territory. This, together with geographical location has led to booming development of different wood processing industries within last 20 years. Today the great variety of timber and wood products are among the country's most important exports.

Astramar is very proud of being one of the first shipping companies to offer transport solutions to the developing timber industry.  The company, since it started trading in 1993, has always taken a leading role serving the requirements of the timber trade.

The geography of our business activities, over the years, has expanded considerably.  Today we ship raw materials and timber products from most exporting European countries to many destinations all over the world inclusive of but not limited to ports within the United Kingdom, continental Europe and North Africa. We also have a sound knowledge of cross Atlantic shipments of packaged timber. Our first class, experienced and reliable shipbrokers are directly linked to both cargo and shipowners interests and are always at your disposal.

We treat every shipping enquiry very seriously.  No issue is too small when it comes to sea transport.  International law and regulations, insurance arrangements, vessels’ suitability to carry the goods, safety of the crew, the vessel and the cargo, timely deliveries, proper documentation, prompt and correct information exchange are a sample of the questions we have to consider and find a solution to, before fixing a cargo or a vessel.

Astramar runs a regular liner service to the United Kingdom in co-operation with our long-term U.K. partners ‘Lacy & Middlemiss Shipbrokers Ltd’. This partnership has given us a unique possibility to offer full range of “extra services” such as open and undercover storage arrangements, special stock holding solutions, inland haulage deliveries,  pik-a-pak and many more solutions often set up to serve individual customers’. The quality and efficiency of the service has been tested by decades of successful work, meeting the highest business standards. We care about our reputation in the market and our target is to always offer safe, environment friendly and cost effective transportation.

Liner shipments are based on cargo requirements, regularity and allow us to move even the smallest of parcels. Our present most frequent U.K. liner destinations include:

  • Shoreham-by-Sea
  • Tilbury
  • Ipswich
  • Barrow Haven (River Humber)

and a great variety of other UK ports served by inducement.

The line constantly works to improve regularity and quality of existing services together with extending the number of destinations offered on liner basis.

Astramar works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure we give our customers the very best service.  This dedication has enabled us to secure safe and effective shipping requirements, for instance during difficult ice restricted winter periods and during serious downturns to the market. These periods have confirmed our ability to face the challenge and fulfill our customers’ requirements.

Carriage of goods by sea is well-known to be the energy saving and natures friendly way of transport. We are very happy to work in an industry which helps reduce emissions and therefore leads the present fight for cleaner and greener environment.